What is Bath Re surfacing

Bath resurfacing is the process of applying a new surface over the top of the old bath surface. Bath resurfacing is sometimes referred to as bath re glazing, or even bath refinishing, however its all basically the same process.

  • the surface is cleaned inspected and any rust removed
  • chips and damaged areas are repaired
  • the surface is cleaned and prepared for the coating
  • an specialist enamel paint is applied
  • the surface is left to cure and dry for at least 24 hours

Bath resurfacing checklist

  • is the bath worth repairing? Remember a new bath itself may not cost a lot, however, plumbing and tile replacement will add significantly to the cost.
  • are you getting a guarantee of 7 years or more on bath resurfacing? Its common to find companies that will offer a 7 year guarentee.
  • is the company you are considering well established and can they provide examples of their work.
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