Choosing bathroom tile colors might seem simple, bathrooms are meant to look clean ? CORRECT. White tiles look clean? WELL SORT OF CORRECT.
When choosing bathroom tile colors, a white bathroom will look great, clean and simple, and they look really great in magazines and showrooms so white is a great color for clean looking bathroom floor tiles ? WRONG…..
While white tiles look clean in a magazine, they can also be one of the most difficult colored tiles to keep looking clean in your bright light bathroom, especially on the floor, white tiles and light colored floor tiles in general will show every little piece of dirt, dust and hair, and in a bathroom this can be a really bad look.

Now if you are particularly meticulous with cleaning, then these light bathroom tile colors can be great, however if you are like most of us (or don’t have a cleaner to do the job for you) then consider something darker colors or patterned tiles, especially on the floor.
When it comes to showers and wall tiles it’s a little different, light colours can work well. And vanity tops can also look great in light colors, yes vanity tops can get dirty, but are much easier to wipe over on a regular basis than it is to clean the floor.

Thinking tile colors, white is bright, but is it right for your bathroom floor?
And them it comes to glossy or not glossy..What’s the best choice ? glossy look great, but they can be a little slippery, matt tiles are generally seen as being a little better in this respect, however unless you go for tiles that are commercial grade with a proper slip rating it is a little difficult to work out just how slippery one tile is when compared to another.Slip ratings do not seem to be something that is talked about a lot for bathroom tiles. Talk to your supplier about slip ratings for tiles, ask the hard questions before you choose.