Design ideas for an en suite bathroom are becoming more lavish as well as more compact. In terms of the Master Bedroom an En suite addition or renovation can add value to most houses. The interesting figures are that more bedrooms are having en-suites added, and for a range of reasons.

With the family tending to stay at home longer, and elderly relatives ‘living in’, the communal bathroom just does not seem to cope. We recently visited an ‘upmarket’ renovation where the five bedrooms all had en suite bathrooms and another ‘guest’ and ‘downstairs’ toilet and washroom was included. So what are the best ideas for a successful bathroom renovation or addition.

En suite Bathroom  Check List

  • Colour
    Although bathrooms are a part of the house and colours need to ‘fit in’, dramatic colour in a bathroom is not a good long term choice. Lighter tones tend to make a bathroom look bigger, and strong colours are not always flattering when we look in the mirror.
  • Size
    Large bathrooms can look great, however space is always at a premium, so plane carefully. If a bathroom is to be used by a family with 3 children, you will need more space. An en – suite can be smaller. Are you including a toilet, or is this a separate room ?. Space wise a toilet in the bathroom is more economical. however some people prefer them seperate.
  • Mirrors
    Every bathroom needs mirrors and they they need to be large enough to actually look good, small mirrors generally do not work.
  • Lighting / Heating
    Good lighting is essential, as is some form of heating. Natural lighting can be OK however it is generally not enough.
  • Bath or Shower
    Most houses need at least 1 bath, however an en suite bathroom in second or third bedrooms can usually get by with a walk in shower. Walk in showers are essential for elderly residents.
  • Bench space
    With more accessories used in en suite bathrooms, hairdryers, electric tooth brush, hair straighteners and shavers benches need to be big enough to cope. A bench needs to allow electrical devices to be far enough away from water to be safe. In general, the more people using a bathroom the more bench space you will need.
  • Storage
    To avoid clutter, storage is essential. Electrical appliances will hopefully be put away into drawers. Towels, bathroom products and dirty washing all need somewhere to go.
  • Decoration
    Although it may seem nice to decorate your en suite, remember that bathrooms are mainly functional, so spend the money on making the bathroom work, simple decoration will generally do.