We all know the scenario where you have just had a shower and go to put on make up, or shave and the bathroom mirror has fogged up. Now given that you have a good exhaust or extractor fan why does this happen and how do you easily prevent your bathroom mirror from fog and mist ?
We have seen lots of solutions including a few rather bizarre ones. You could install a heated bathroom mirror, however these are fairly costly and a retro fit can be a little difficult.

A heated bathroom with an effective exhaust fan is the real solution. The combination of the right temperature and good airflow will leave your bathroom mirror fog free.

You try the strange solutions, these involve coating the mirror with car wax, shaving cream and even toothpaste. However these methods cause their own problems, and you may find cleaning the mirror a little difficult.

Try this fog free bathroom mirror test.

Open the door of the bathroom by 2 cm, turn on the shower, and if the exhaust fan is powerful enough, the mirror will not fog.

If it still fogs, open the door a little wider and check that the exhaust fan is working properly.

So the solution is to prevent the mirror from fogging in the first place and this is done by providing adequate ventilation.
You will need an extractor fan, and then you will need to increase the air flow into the bathroom. The reason exhaust fans do not work efficiently is that in most bathrooms the inflow of air is restricted, we close the window and the door for privacy.

How to increase airflow for a fog bathroom mirror :

  • Opening a window.
  • Opening the door a little.
  • By installing vents in the door that will increase airflow.

AND – Make sure your exhaust fan is powerful enough, located over the shower or bath, is properly vented and is clean and working properly.