Interior painting ideas and guide. Interior painting is a project often carried out by home owners. Painting the Interior of your can add instant impact as a way of freshening up your home for resale. We provide painting ideas, tips on wall painting and ceiling painting, undercoats and even some ideas on how to choose paint colours. Our Interior Painting Guide will help set you off on the right track.
Interior painting is one home renovation job often carried out by the home owner. However some skill and equipment is required, a bad paint job may well end up costing you more than a few tins of paint.

Guide to Materials Needed for interior painting

  • Drop cloths. Drop cloths protect floors, doors, cupboards and furniture from paint splashes and spillage. Avoid plastic drop cloths if possible.
  • Sugar soap. Sugar soap is used to wash down walls before painting.
  • Patching plaster, wood filler. Used to repair damaged plaster or timber
  • Sandpaper. To sand back rough areas
  • Sealant. Used to seal aro und window frames, door frames etc.
  • Paint Brushes. Smaller brushes are used for ‘cuting in’ around cornices, windows, skirting boards etc.
  • Paint Rollers. Paint rollers are used to apply paints to large flat surfaces, walls and ceilings. Rollers come with different nap lengths. Use a shorter nap length for gloss and oil based paints.
  • Roller Tray used top hold the paint and apply it to the roller.

An undercoat or sealer is used on new surfaces before applying the top coats. Some modern paints claim to be self sealing and not require an undercoat. Most professional painters use an undercoat on new work.
Paint generally comes in a number of finishes, matt, gloss, semi gloss, satin and others.

In general Gloss and semi gloss are used for wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. However with modern paint technology this is not essential. Consult the recommendations of manufactures.

Flat paints hide imperfections more than gloss paints.

How much paint will I need?

In General 1 litre for every 16 sq meters. (Allow a little more)

Guide to Painting Kitchens and Bathrooms