Guide and Kitchen drawer inserts for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra and Hobart. Selecting Kitchen Drawers, Pot Drawers, Cutlery Drawers, Kitchen Drawer Inserts and Plate Drawers.

Drawers and cutlery drawer inserts are an important consideration of any kitchen renovation, pot drawers and cutlery drawers and plate drawers all need to be designed provide adequate and accessible storage space. Kitchen drawer inserts are another feature to be considered when designing a kitchen layout.

We provide a basic guide to Kitchen, Pot and Cutlery Drawers and Kitchen Drawer Inserts. Kitchen drawer organisers or inserts can be made of a number of materials, the PVC and Metal organisers are generally not adjustable internally. Some timber drawer organisers are available and these are adjustable to different drawer sizes , IKEA make some timber dividers.

Number of Kitchen Drawers.

The number of kitchen drawers may be determined by a restricted layout, however the number of drawers in relationship to cupboards is a matter of personal choice. Two cutlery Drawers and 8 pot, plate or crockery drawers is not unusual for an average sized kitchen. A good kitchen designer will look at the size of the house, number in the family, cooking habits and other factors such as number of kitchen cupboards and pantry size before coming up with a recommendation.

Pot Drawers for the Kitchen

Pot drawers are very popular and provide easy access to pots, pans, and baking dishes. Pot drawers are usually deeper than cutlery drawers to allow for larger saucepans, boilers and steamers to sit comfortably inside.

Plate and Crockery Drawers for the Kitchen

Plate and crockery drawers are another popular feature, plate and crockery drawers tend to allow easier access than cupboards

Kitchen Cutlery Drawers and Kitchen Drawer Inserts

Kitchen Cultlery Drawer with moulded PVC cutlery drawer insert.

Kitchen Cutlery Drawer Insert with molded PVC cutlery drawer insert.

Kitchen drawers for cultlery are one element of kitchen design that have not changed that much, they are essential and consideration needs to be given to the number of kitchen cutlery drawers and utensil drawers that will be required. Kitchen cutlery drawer inserts are usually available as preformed molded PVC or timber. Adjustable cutlery and drawer inserts are also available, some of these allow you to lift crockery out of the drawer in the holder itself.

A few expandable cutlery organisers are around as well. These are inserts that usually work byhaving one compartment that expands, on on side only, they lock into place with a pin and are available in PVC, timber and Bamboo.It is very important to check drawer sizes before ordering inserts, especially if you are after a perfect fit.

Self Closing Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen Cutlery Drawers above Larger Pot Drawer

Cutlery Drawer above Larger Pot Drawer

Kitchen Drawers that will close themselves are usually designed so that will ‘soft close’ the last part of the draw closing action. This makes for an almost silent action and more effectively closing kitchen drawers.

  • kitchen drawers need to be close to dishwasher and working areas
  • easy to clean surfaces are an essential element of all kitchen drawers
  • self closing kitchen drawers or soft closing drawers are popular
  • kitchen drawer inserts should be designed to fit the entire drawer