We provide a breakdown of renovation costs for a kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation renovation costs are a major concern when commencing a home renovation project. 

Because of the complexity of appliances, and number of trades used Kitchen Renovation Costs or remodelling cost need to be calculated accurately before work commences or contracts are signed as so many variables exist in a kitchen renovation. 

When calculating Kitchen Renovation Costs allowances need to be made for ‘worst case scenario’ and hidden extras. Talk to your builder or architect and get a detailed list of kitchen renovation costs.
This renovation costs listed below is an actual kitchen renovation costing.The job entailed

  • a complete refit of the kitchen
  • raising the ceiling level. The
  • floor replaced and re stumped.
  • new plasterboard was installed
  • kitchen area was rewired to switch board
  • plumbing was altered, including gas connection.

Costs of any renovation will of course vary with standard of finnish and individual contractors.

If you need to save a little money on kitchen renovation costs consider the following areas.

Using custom kitchen cabinet designs is expensive, standard designs can all be altered to fit.

Bench tops are important, cheap tops will prove unsatisfactory and are not an area to save on.

Floors can also be expensive. Timber floors can work well in kitchens, and will cost less than many tiled floors.

Solid timber doors may sound great, however cheaper alternatives can save a lot of money.
Detailed Kitchen Renovation Costs

  • Kitchen Cabinets $9200 (A flat pack Kitchen was installed)
  • Kitchen Cabinetry install $ 2 640
  • Caeserstone bench tops $3 800
  • Glass splashbacks $2 500
  • Kitchen Sink and Tap set $720

Appliances included Dishwasher, Electric Oven, Gas Cook top, Range Hood, refrigerator. (All Additional Costs)
Building Costs

  • Flooring   Tasmanian Oak 108mm x 19mm $ 1 152
  • Flooring glue $ 78
  • Packing strips and nails $ 65
  • Cavity sliding door system door $ 217
  • Hardwood window, $ 1 166
  • Framing materials $ 678
  • Weatherboards and zinc window flashing $ 92
  • Hardwood architraves to windows only $ 117*
  • R3.3 Insulation to ceiling $ 215
  • 6 metre bin hire for removal of rubbish $ 415
  • Bulkhead and framing material $ 167