Kitchen Renovation Ideas

A Kitchen Renovation can be one of the most effective ways of improving a house. A well planned kitchen renovation will not only makes a house more liveable but is often an attractive feature to potential buyers, and can increase the value and overall appeal of your home.
Kitchen Renovation ideas for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra and Hobart.

A kitchen renovation is one of the most popular and expensive renovations, a kitchen renovation can add both functionality and value to you home, so plan it well.
Online Kitchen planning guides and tools are available, we recommend you start with some graph paper and accurate measurements of your kitchen space.
Cabinet Maker of Flat Pack Kitchen ?Flat Pack kitchens are the latest in kitchen cabinet, cupboard and bench ideas. The whole kitchen comes delivered as a flat pack for DIY installation.

Many builders will work with Flat Pack installations.Cabinet makers will give a more personalised service. Which is more economical, we recommend drawing up your plan and getting quotes on both styles of installation. Remember to include the cost of bench tops in both

Kitchen renovation design and planning

Many kitchen design companies have a checklist, the idea is that you go along to the showroom and select the features that you find desirable. Here are a few ideas to start you off.
Given the size of the house how big does the kitchen need to be?
The kitchen in a four bedroom house will generally need more room and facilities than that of a two bedroom house.

  • Do you want to eat in the kitchen, at a breakfast bar or at a kitchen table?
  • Kitchen appliances, what do you want, dishwasher, appliance cupboard. Will the kitchen be multi function and serve as a laundry as well, ironing area, washing machine and dryer?
  • Kitchen storage, pot draws, pantry, will you need to store a vacuum cleaner, brooms etc?
  • Cooking, do you need an extra wide oven, below bench or eye level? Stir fry, do you need a Wok Burner? Microwave?
  • Television, phone, internet, fax, intercom, security system?


It is impossible to place a general cost on kitchen renovation due to the huge range and variety of appliance costs as well a cabinet costs.

However we provide an outline of one kitchen renovation cost.

Costs can be minimised by using DIY kitchen cabinet installation. However you will need to have the skills to carry this out.

Plumbing and electrical work needs to be carried out by licensed contractors. Consider a combined kitchen and bathroom renovation to save on costs.