Selecting Kitchen Sink and Mixer Taps

A stainless steel kitchen sink with a sink mixer tap is the most popular kitchen sink and tap combination in modern kitchens. However stainless kitchen sinks come in many different bowl sizes and configurations. Kitchen sink mixer taps also come in a range of styles and qualities. We provide a basic guide to choosing a kitchen sink and kitchen mixer tap

Kitchen Sink and Mixer Tap Guide for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra and Hobart.

Kitchen sink size.

Kitchen sink sizes vary in terms of width and depth. Requirements depend on what sort of kitchen you run. A busy kitchen with lots of pots and pans will need a larger deeper sink. Smaller kitchens can do with less.

Kitchen sinks come in a range of sizes and configurations including

  • single bowl
  • double bowl
  • 3/4 bowl
  • 1/2 bowl
  • round bowl
  • extra deep bowls
  • combinations of all of the above…..Draining board size is also variable, from large on both sides, to one sided (small) or none at all. So how to you decide what sized kitchen sink you need?

Generally One full bowl and one 1/2 bowl are a popular combination. usually with a draining board on one side. Combined with a dishwasher this usually gives enough sink and washing space.

If you use a lot of large pots and pans, and have a large family you may wish to consider a larger sink and double sided draining board. For those living in a small apartment, perhaps a single sink will do. It is essential that you consider your current use as well as proje cted future use.

Locate the kitchen sink close to the dishwasher.

Available space will also play an important part in choosing a kitchen sink.
Kitchen Mixer taps are by far the most popular style of kitchen taps in modern kitchens. And the flick/mix taps do allow easy operation.

When choosing

  • The size of the tap relates to the height above the sink. Make sure that the neck of the tap, is tall enough for the pots and larger items that you use.
  • However, the taller the tap the more splash so do not go over the edge.
  • Consider the availability of spare parts, recognised brands will usually have spare parts available, some ‘special price’ deals may not, ask the question.
  • Look for easy turn on and off. Consider the single lever tap as it is easier to operate. However two handle taps may suit the aesthetics of your kitchen.
  • Gooseneck taps allow more room than some other taps, however they may not be as attractive. Functionality or design?
  • Tap quality varies greatly, in general terms you get what you pay for. Check out displays as well as asking friends.
  • Material are usually either stainless steel or chrome, chrome is shiny and usually cheaper, stainless steel is harder wearing.
  • Look for a guarantee when choosing your mixer tap