Sometimes left to last, a Laundry is an important aspect of renovation, and if you have a family you will be surprised how a functional and easy to clean laundry can make life easier.
A Laundry Renovation checklist would include overall ideas on Laundry Design as well as tubs or troughs, cabinets, sinks and cupboards, all require planning.
Laundries are wet areas, laundry floors need to waterproof and easy to clean. They may be access points to the house. And then we have the dryer, washing machine and perhaps ironing board and drying cabinet
Often seen as a bit of ‘hidden area’ these are really a very important area of any family house and renovation need careful consideration. A young or growing family will need an efficient and easily accessible laundry. With 3 children and two adults it is not unusual to be doing 2-3 loads of laundry a day, so consider a practical and efficient laundry renovation as a priority.

Laundry Renovations the European Way

The concept of the European style laundry is one that is catching on in Australia. What it basically means that the laundry is included in the kitchen floor space. Many European houses and apartments are small and the space for a separate laundry is seen as extravagant.
The choice to go the European way is largely a matter of space saving, laundries in kitchens work, but only if you are organised.
So how do we squeeze all of the laundry equipment into a kitchen ?
It can be as simple as placing the laundry in a large pantry, so that it can be closed away behind doors. So washer/dryer/sink and fold down ironing board all in a cupboard. The saving is in the floor space.
For more space saving you could try the option of the combination washer / dryers now available. These can fit neatly beneath a kitchen bench, excellent for apartment living.
The European style can be adapted to Australian laundries.
What do you need to consider in a laundry renovation

Laundry Renovations Checklist

  • Washing machine
    A top loading washing machine may be cheaper to purchase, however a front loading washing machine is more economical to run and can be placed beneath a laundry bench, or the dryer to save space.
  • Dryer (vented externally?)
    A Cloths dryer vented externally reduces condensation, a great laundry renovation idea. And what about a dying rack as well?
  • Trough or Sink
    A Laundry trough is essential. Stainless steel, and deep to prevent splashes
  • A place for dirty clothes
  • Ironing facilities
    Consider where you find it convenient to iron, maybe the laundry, but maybe not.
  • Storage
    A place to keep mops, buckets, shoes and boots and maybe coats.
  • Bench space
    Bench space is essential, when considering a renovation, it allows you make a laundry functional
  • Easy access to the clothes line from the laundry
  • Built in water recycling for the garden? Why not build this in when renovating your laundry, much cheaper than adding on latter.

The main function of a laundry is for washing and drying clothes, or so we may think. Consider the following uses and see if they apply. Laundry Check List PDF

  • dirty clothes
  • storage for brooms, mops and buckets
  • ironing space
  • drying racks
  • back door entry
  • boot and shoe storage for ‘muddy shoes’
  • rain coat storage
  • a place to household tools
  • a work bench for ‘school projects’
  • pet food storage
  • extra storage