Painting doors

If you have ever wanted to know how to paint doors that have a glossy door that looks like they are out of a display home you have a couple of options. Call in a painter, or try the DIY method,

If you are looking at getting a professional finish when painting doors, you need to take a professional approach. And one of the tricks is how to paint a door without leaving brush marks.

A couple of decisions to make to start with.

Generally the choice is between oil based and water based, or gloss enamel and gloss acrylic.

Are you going to use a gloss enamel type paint or a water based paint. On previously painted doors it is easiest to stay with the type of paint that was on it , so oils over oils, water based over water based.

The Gloss enamel will look Glossier or Shinier, however it is a little more difficult to apply.

The water based of acrylic gloss will not be as glossy, however it is easier to apply, dries faster and with a few trick you can make it look great.

Th e first step is prepare the door for painting. The best way is to remove the door from the hinges and also remove the handles.

Roller V Brush for doors.

So now you need to choose between a roller and a brush. Rollers leave a surface that is slightly dimpled, it looks good on walls, but not so good on doors. When it comes to brush V roller, most professionals would use a brush.
One technique is to use a roller and then back brush with a good paint brush. We tend to use brushes only on woodwork.

Before you paint your door

Both new and previously painted doors will preparation.

1. Sand and remove any loose paint. With new doors a light sand is also required, especially timber doors.
2. Fill any imperfections, nail holes and such
3. Sand again

Ready to paint your door

Choose you paint.

Acrylic or Oil Based – Interior Exterior

1. Undercoat or prime and bare timber, and this includes the top, bottom and sides of the door.
If the door has water marks, consider using a stain blocker.
2.Allow the paint to dry as per instructions on the can. This is usually 2 hrs for acrylic primers, longer for oil based.
3. Check the door for any imperfections and if need fill and sand again. You will need to do this on both new and previously painted doors, if you want to get a smooth finish.
4. Apply the first coat of paint and allow to dry.
5. Now its time to sand, this will remove the brush marks and make the second coat much glossier.
TOP TIP Use a wet / dry sandpaper it leaves less scratches.
6. Time for the second coat. Again allow to dry and sand using the wet dry sandpaper.
7. Apply a third coat.

Now it is time to evaluate

Is the finish as you want it. Our guess is that if you have oil based enamel, it might be. If you have used acrylic, maybe not.

If its not then repeat the sand and paint process. With acrylic paints you can get an enamel type finish, however it may take 5 – 6 coats. And with proper sanding you can eliminate the brush marks.

You that you know how to paint a door, you are now ready to rehang the door and replace the handles.