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Planning a renovation is the most important step, but where do you start?

Its really essential to look at the overall picture

immediate renovation needs
This is why you are here, the kitchen needs renovating, new cupboards and appliances, but take a look at the big picture first, what about the long term?

long term renovation needs
Extra rooms, maybe a bedroom or living area or an extra bathroom, if more renovations are likely then look at an overall plan maybe the kitchen will end up being somewhere else in the house.

structural renovation needsĀ 
That kitchen could be all you need, but check out the structure first, how are the foundations, is the electrical wiring up to standard, how is the roof? Get the structure right and you are making a better investment.

Draw up a list of everything you really want in your house. And then draw up a priority list, remember that structural concerns come first, good foundations and a sound structure are the key to a success full renovation.

So now you have a list where do you start,

  • our kitchen bathroom living area and outdoor entertainment guides are a great start
  • an architect can be a great start if you are looking at anything major
  • local builders may be a good source of advice.
  • try the services offered by Archicentre HIA and Master BuildersArchicentre
    The building advisory service of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. Offering a comprehensive 300 point pre purchase check.

    Housing Industry AssociationĀ 
    HIA is the largest building industry association in Australia. Lots of information.

    Master Builders Association
    Master Builders Association is the major Australian building and construction industry association.