Restumping a house is one of the first costs for a renovator to consider. Foundations are the key to a long lasting renovation and the cost when done at the initial stages, before any other major works are commenced is well worth the investment.

We provide some ideas on rising damp. restumping and reblocking. Restumping costs are well worth the investment in the long term.

House Restumping or reblocking for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra and Hobart.
Most houses built on timber stumps will need restumping but when?

Timber stumps can last anywhere from as little as 15 to as many as 80 years depending on soil conditions, timber used, drainage and termite attack.

A visual inspection can be made by scratching away the soil from the base of the stump (75mm to 100mm) and checking its condition. An Archicentre inspection will do this for you, or maybe a builder can advise on restumping.

Look for a reliable tradesman to restump or reblock your house, the house will need to jacked up, stumps removed and replaced with concrete stumps.
Floors will need to levelled, doors and windows may need to levelled as well this all adds to the price. Sounds like a lot of work, but restumping before commencing major renovations is worth it in the long run.


Now repalcing the foundations, are a little different to re – stumping. Here we are looking at underpinning. In the past that meant a lot of evcavation, today new methods including injection of a structural resin are alo possible.

Restumping costs

Typical restumping costs for a 3 bedroom house will be between $9000 and $ 15000 depending on access, slope, size of house and required weight bearing load.

Costs will also vary depending on the style, a typical house in Melbourne or Sydney will cost less than a ‘Traditional Queenslander’ in Brisbane, simply because the stumps will need to longer and stronger.

An old house in Melbourne or Sydney will cost more if it is close to the ground, than one that easy access. So prices can vary greatly for the same number of stumps.

If you are replacing floors in a house this is a great time to restump, costs will usually be less as access is easier.

Is it worth restumping a house?

Well yes and no. As with any renovation you need to look at the total project, restumping an otherwise sound house will usually be well worth it. A house with other problems such as termites, dry rot or poor construction may not be worth the cost of restumping, or renovating.

How it is done

Re-stumping process
Make sure that you are fully covered by insurance, you will need to see that your chosen tradesman if qualified and see appropriate proof.
You will need to contact your local council to see about building permits and other requirements. You may need a building surveyor in many cases
Reputable companies will require a small deposit 10 -15%.
You will need to enquire about what is actually going to be done.

  • All stumps
  • To existing height or higher
  • Guaranteed levelling of floors
  • Removal of old stumps, waste etc

Reinstatement of doors and windows to good opening condition is not always included so ask about this to avoid nasty surprises.
Now the fun starts
The house will be prepared for raising and levelling, this may involve disconnection of some services

  • The house will the jacked up and levelled.
  • New stump holes will be dug
  • Old stumps removed
  • Stumps will be set and the house set on the stumps

In older houses some of the sub floor may also need to be replaced.

If the house is very close to the ground the job can be more expensive with floor boards needing to be lifted as well. A house that is close to the ground may benefit from being lifted as well.