Sensor Lights with inbuilt sensor

Sensor Lights with inbuilt sensor

We have been looking at sensor lights for a few years, trying to find the best one for our own car parking. These are the outdoor motion sensors that turn the lights when they sense a car or person.

We use them for convenience as well as for security at night. Ours have been hard wired rather than battery operated

The problem with sensor lights is that they seem to work for a year or two and then fail. They either will not turn on will not turn off. At first we thought it was the bulbs, however it turns out to be the sensor itself that is the problem

The basic problem is that the sensor fails, and its probably not the fault of the sensor itself, its the basic design.

Most sensor lights have twin globes with a sensor in the middle, or the globe very close to the sensor.

For outdoor use the globes are powerful and put out a lot of heat, and after a while the sensor fails because of the heat. The other issue is that often sensors are placed in the sun, direct sunlight and sensors do not mix.

Your only option seems to be is to get an electrician to wire in another light, so the cost of the light plus the electrician.

Some other options may cost a little more, but from out own experience lasts a lot longer.

The Best Option for Sensor Lights

We did start to review a few sensor lights however our friendly electrician informed us its not so much the brand as the design and suggested we look at a different system.

Look for a better quality sensor with integrated that has the sensor located below the lights rather than between them, as far away as possible. Place the sensor light out of direct sun, or use a separate sensor that is out of the sun.

Look for long lasting LED sensor lights, cheaper to run.

Look for a quality motion sensor with a separate ( non integrated) light. Their is no reason that the sensor and the light need to be integrated, its just cheaper and easier that way.

Motion sensors are available in different degrees of detection, from narrow 90 through to the full 360 degree detectors.

And while you are at it, consider a manual override so you can turn the light on and have it stay on, this feature can be useful.

A few wireless motion sensor floodlights are also available, however range and brightness seems limited