Stair Renovation Ideas and under stair storage solutions. Staircase storage can make the use of wasted space. Stairs and stair renovation from Renovators Delight. Staircase and Stair ideas for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra and Hobart.
Staircase have always had a multifunctional aspect to them.
• For access
• As an architectural feature
• As a storage facility (the cupboard under the stairs)
What is changing are the materials that are being used in home stair cases, especially in the case of warehouse conversions.

Staircases have tended to become lighter and brighter, glass and timber and open structure, rather than heavy timber. But then good quality timber is very expensive, so what looks like it might be an architectural solution may in fact be an economic solution.

The basics of functional staircase construction fall into a few areas, consider these factors before constructing a staircase.

  • lighting, staircases need to be light, for safety and to prevent a gloomy feeling.
  • sound, timber staircases look great, but with a few childen can be noisy, carpet runners can be a solution.
  • railings and balustradesfor staircase, with so many options, timber, solid panel, stainless steel cable ansd so on, consider saftey and then appearance.
  • landings and access top and bottom, consider these and keep access open.
  • landings can be a great architectural feature in themselves, a large landing with a window, maybe a small bookcase and a seat can be a quite spot to read and ponder.
  • storage underneath the staircase, this may be in the form of a cupboard, or maybe a wine cellar, or open storage for books etc.
  • steepness and width, it is often convienient to go with the steepness that regulations allow, however this is usually quite steep and narrow. This may suite you, but what about resale value. A family with young children probably do not want a steep, narrow staircase.

Under Stair Storage

Stairs do have a lot of space beneath them and this can be utilised for storage. A number roof options are available and as long as they do not interfere with the structure of the stairs they can be great assets.

  • One of the best options is a ‘Pull Out’ system, this allows easy access to items in an otherwise difficult space.
  • Cupboards with fixed shelving is a cheaper option and doors can be made to blend in with the wall fairly easily.
  • Open storage, cubes of shelves can work as well. however they can also be dust collectors.
  • Book shelves can utilise under stair space efficiently and help de-clutter other areas of the house.
  • And if you are getting adventurous, you can install drawers in the rises in the stairs themselves
  • A larger staircase can lend itself to other uses, perhaps a second or third toilet with a hand basin. Or open up the area and install a Daybed, especially if you can get a window as well to look over the garden.

Stair Runners

These are basically a long piece of carpet that were traditionally attached using stair rods or stair clips usually made from brass or other metal, sometimes from timber. The idea was they were removable for cleaning. So the ‘runner’ would be up the centre of the stairs and the timber would show at the sides.

Today runners are often attached to the stairs in a similar way to normal carpet.